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In a maze of inequality, unemployment and gang culture, it’s a struggle to know where to make a right turn and how to undo a wrong one.

Hamlin, Quinn and Nic are young friends trying to get ahead in inner city London.
After his dad dies, Hamlin’s goal is to finish school, get a good job and build a better life for himself and his mum, Mama H. When live-wire Quinn and troubled Nic offer Hamlin easy money in return for some county-line drug trafficking, his dreams, his mother’s hopes and the friendship of the three are put to the test.

From the team that presented ‘Bullet Hole’ by Gloria Williams, ‘King Hamlin’ is the winner of best full-length stage play at 2022 Scriptwriters & Co International Festival.

CASTING 3 men 1 woman

King Hamlin

SKU: 0011
  • Paperback
    ISBN: 978-1-7391030-3-3
    104 pages
    190mm x 120mm

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