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performing arts in print


It's been a great year for submissions and we're really thrilled that so many people are getting in touch. However, to make our way through the backlog and keep our focus on our existing playwrights, we're not going to be considering new plays until September 2024. If you can wait... send in your submission after September and we'll be happy to review. 

We're looking for the next Wordville bestseller

We are open to submissions and are looking for original voices and opportunities to work on books about the performing arts. We are fascinated by theatre, opera, music, dance and all forms of performing arts. Wordville wants to shed new light on untold stories, behind the scenes and on the stage, specifically featuring those companies and individuals that helped shape the art form. We are interested in LGBTQ+ content, feminist work, voices in translation and work from the disabled community. Our interest is in the creative process, the relationship between performer and audience and the challenges to get work developed and seen. We aim to work with a widely diverse group of writers.


How to Submit a non-fiction book about the performing arts
We would like to see:
1. a covering letter - please tell us a little about yourself 
2. a one or two page synopsis - let us know what's unique about your manuscript
3. the first three chapters of your completed manuscript 
We only receive submissions by email, addressed to


How to Submit a play

We are looking for great plays that deserve to be published and would love to hear from playwrights with something original to say. Please complete the form below to submit a play to Salamander Street. We will not be able to consider new plays until September 2024 - so bear with us.. 


We will do our best to respond quickly. There may be many reasons that Wordville or Salamander Street can’t publish your work this year, so don’t be discouraged if you get a ‘no’. We know how hard it is to get your work out there and wish every writer the very best.

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Submit a Play to Salamander Street

Is your play finished and has it been performed or staged? Have you had a table-reading, rehearsal or worked with a dramaturg?
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