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Jo D'arc

Jo D’arc is a popular writer, musician, producer/DJ and artist currently based in Glasgow.  Jo sings and plays bass guitar in alternative art-punk band The Twistettes and social-commentary-fuelled dystopian gutter rock act Girobabies. She can also be found behind the decks DJ’ing techno/electro music as DJ Jo D’arc or cranking out sassy soul, doo-wop and pristine pop as Jo Jive and the B-Hive 5.

In 2021 Jo created a multi-artform project that combines music, photography, poetry and prose to bring to life her love of world mythology. She wanted to create a new myth for Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, poetry and music. Minerva Wakes includes an album of music, visual art and a published book, Minerva and The Whir, a story and poetry to resonate with the world today while diving into abstract fantasy.

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