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People rarely say they hate books, or television, or films. But they often say they hate musicals. Everyone seems to have a fixed idea of exactly what a musical is; what it sounds like, looks like, or is about.


Why is the collision and integration of music, song and storytelling so polarising and why have we allowed a form so full of possibility to become so repetitive and restrictive?


Through a series of essays Breaking Into Song asks what audiences can do to stay open minded and what creatives can do to make new musicals better. Examining both sides of the divide, Adam Lenson asks how those who both love and hate musicals can further expand the possibilities of this widely misunderstood medium.


“This book is a fascinating cri de coeur and made me question everything I think about musicals.” Alan Cumming


“A passionate and cogently argued call to arms and a very enjoyable read.” Lyn Gardner


“This book is really brilliant. If you care about/enjoy/work in/struggle with/want to understand/have concerns for the state of musical theatre, it is essential reading. Hugely recommended.” Howard Goodall


“provide[s] a unique and fascinating look at this type of theatre in a way that hasn’t been explored before” Love London, Love Culture


“if enough people read this book, we may just be at the starting point of a new beginning which proves a revolution in the genre” Reviews Hub


“Adam Lenson’s conclusions about the state of the musical in Britain are impossible to reject… a stimulating book” Reviews Gate


“I would advise anyone who…hates musicals…to read this book” Musical Theatre Review

Breaking into Song: Why You Shouldn’t Hate Musicals

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    ISBN 9781914228025
    188 pages
    198 x 129

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