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Celine's Salon is a literary cabaret famous in London since 2016. This collection of poetry, short stories and lyrics gathers work from 29 inspirational writers from Glasgow, Derry, Tenby and London. Poetry with a strong sense of place and character, this anthology includes Welsh-language poetry, Glaswegian poetry as well as English verse and song lyrics. Representing the most interesting writers in each of these cultural melting pots, Celine's Salon - The Anthology Vol 2 is a literary road trip, hosted by writer and performer Celine Hispiche. With new writing from established poets as well as original new voices, this is the second in the series of Celine's Salon - The Anthology.


With work from 29 individual contributors including: Nerys Beattie, Mel Bradley, Valerie Bryce, Ronan Carr, Ashley Chapman, Jo D'arc, Keiran Goddard, Michael Groce, Celine Hispiche, George Houston, James King & Ann McKay, Siobhan Lancaster, Katharine Macfarlane, Thomas McColl, Mark McGhee, Ros Moore, Heather Moulson, Lesley O'Brien, Kevin O'Dowd, Niall O'Mianain, Billy Parker, PBJ, Pinky, Frank Rafferty, Juanita Rea, Bob Reeves and Susie Wild.


Celine’s Salon - The Anthology Vol 2 is edited by Lucy Tertia George.


Sit back and enjoy the show.

Celine's Salon - The Anthology Vol 2

SKU: 0009
  • Paperback
    ISBN 978-1-7391030-2-6
    203 x 133 mm

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