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Hope Is a Silhouette is a body of intimate and introspective poetry with accompanying illustrations, both written and painted by Lana McDonagh. Observations on love, inner demons, lies, routine...the everyday facets and feelings of human experience that forever fascinate. This collection of sensitive poetry and captivating illustrations marks the exciting debut of a talented poet. Original artwork illustrates each poem.


"Precise yet bursting with submerged emotion, Hope Is a Silhouette allows you into a deeply personal inner migration of beauty and bruised hope". - NICKY WIRE, Manic Street Preachers


"The marriage of art and poetry has rarely been so gloriously exhibited in one unique debut volume. That the protagonist of both is one and the same person is both remarkable and utterly perfect, as it should be. Poems that tell of those magical and unforgettable moments of deep love and sensuality, of the joys and complexities of becoming a mother, the confusion despair and frustration of the uncaring world and the damage we sometimes seem unable to avoid inflicting on each other, are all addressed so succinctly and so elegantly that it is hard to fathom that this is Lana's first published work. Apart, each illustration, each poem, hits a nerve and tells a truth. Together they make for a deeply compelling experience. A major new talent." - SIMON RAYMONDE, Cocteau Twins & Bella Union Founder

Hope Is a Silhouette

SKU: 0012
  • Paperback
    ISBN: 978-1-7391030-1-9
    48 pages
    203mm x 127mm

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